Monthly Archives: June 2016

Hardware store or a baker’s paradise?

Did you ever wander through a hardware store, and see so many items that could be used in the kitchen? For instance, every time I see PVC pipes, I want to fill them with chocolate mousse or ice cream. I always crave a spackler every time I’m spreading frosting or tuile batter, and don’t get me started on all those tools that are just asking to be used to sculpt or score fondant!

Have you ever used non-traditional items for baking purposes? Let me know!

Happy baking, and I’ll meet you in the hardware store!

Chef Gail

Teaching egg whites how to relax…

In any meringue recipe, the recipe always calls for room temperature egg whites. Why, you might ask? Good question. This is because there is surface tension within the egg whites’ albumin (which is a protein). When the whites are brought to room temperature, the surface tension relaxes, and makes it easier for you to beat the most air possible into them. This creates a billowy, stiff meringue!

Happy baking!

Chef Gail