About Professional Baking

Chef Gail Sokol’s text for students of professional baking and advanced amateur chefs.

Noting that her baking students were having trouble understanding their textbook, Chef Gail wrote the cookbook, About Professional Baking, which has received wide acclaim.  You can find About Professional Baking on Amazon.  The book is also accompanied by a series of DVDs and a workbook, also available from Amazon Student DVD.

About Professional Baking is the new benchmark for professional baking books. This highly visual and motivating book presents the tools and techniques necessary to ensure success as a culinary professional. With fully kitchen-tested recipes demonstrating best practices and key techniques, this book was written with today’s culinary students and professionals in mind. About Professional Baking captures the science behind baking while clearly demonstrating the methods of preparation. With over 700 full-color photographs illustrating step-by-step techniques, culinary students and professionals alike will be impressed with this fresh new approach.

About Professional Baking was a finalist in the International Association of Culinary Professionals′ Cookbook Awards for 2007. This recognition was a huge honor as over 460 cookbooks from over 14 countries were entered in the competition.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Mise en Place
  • Chapter2: Ingredients
  • Chapter 3: Wheat Flour — The Essential Grain (and Other Flours)
  • Chapter 4: The Science of Mixing
  • Chapter 5: Thickeners and Stabilizers
  • Chapter 6: Eggs as Thickeners
  • Chapter 7: Eggs as Leaveners and Meringues
  • Chapter 8: Working with Yeast in Straight Doughs
  • Chapter 9: Preferments
  • Chapter 10: Laminated Doughs
  • Chapter 11: Working with Fats in Pies and Tarts
  • Chapter 12: Using Chemical and Steam Leaveners
  • Chapter 13: Quick Bread Mixing Methods
  • Chapter 14: Cake Mixing Methods
  • Chapter 15: Frostings
  • Chapter 16: Cookies
  • Chapter 17: Building Blocks with Sugar
  • Chapter 18: Frozen Desserts
  • Chapter 19: Chocolate
  • Chapter 20: Dessert Sauces and Plating
  • Chapter 21: Healthy Baking
  • Chapter 22: Troubleshooting